Welcome to Ohiya, a magical place where the simple act of saying “Hi” is more than just a friendly greeting, it’s a way of life. Ohiya’s cute, cuddly and sometimes crass characters mirror the unique qualities within each and every one of us. We all have different ways of connecting, some better than others. Ohiya is a reminder that creating a unique friendship is like a work of art – built one brush stroke at a time.

Lucky for you, that’s the only kind of art we practice – the art of making friends.

About Tharp:

The art of Ohiya is the culmination of sketches and ideas from Ohio-based illustrator Jason Tharp. Tharp began working with his fellow Ohioans at Ripple Junction in 2011. A self-proclaimed “obsessive dreamer,” Tharp’s one hope is for Ohiya to encourage others to explore the magic and mysteries of life.

“Ohiya encourages us to go beyond personal boundaries – to simply say, ‘Hi.’ A chance encounter can suddenly turn into something magical, all with the help of a simple two letter word.” – Tharp

So, next time you see Tharp out and about be sure and throw a “Hiya!” his way.